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Answers to your SEO Internet Marketing Questions

1. What exactly is SEO and why do I need it?

SEO stands for search engine optimization -- what it means is to have your website optimized for maximum recognition by the search engines. Here's why you need it. It prepares your web site to be spidered, indexed and then ranked by the major search engines so that when internet users search for your keywords, your website will appear on their results page. When properly executed, search engine optimization yields targeted traffic to the site and increases revenues. 

2. What are the initial or set up fees?

Our basic SEO package is $1200 and carries you for a 3-month period. You can continue maintaining our SEO every month at $250/mo.. If you do not have a site, we can design one for you which includes our 3-month SEO starting at $2500.

Our upgraded SEO Social Media Program is much more intense and harnesses everything the internet has to offer. No yearly contracts required, it is a month-to-month program. Full details here.

3. What happens after the 3-month period?

You will then have the option of continuing our SEO marketing at $250/mo., which is strongly suggested if you wish to continue maintaining your search engine positions.

4. Do you offer a Guarantee? 

We do not offer a guarantee, and if any one else does -- run! That's why we run our SEO for 3 months. At the end of that time you will know if you want to continue with us by our results.

5. How do I know what my search engine rankings are as a result of your SEO? 

We furnish you with monthly Google Analytics Reports. These easy-to-read reports give you background information on how users found you, like what keyword they type in at which search engine.

6. When will I start seeing results? 

It takes the search engines anywhere from 2 - 8 weeks to index your site. Once you start seeing positions they will gradually increase as your SEO advances. We start running Reports 1 month after the start of your promotion.

7. What engines do you support? 

We support all of the top popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo,, MSN, Bing, etc.. We also support lesser known search engines and Directories. It is important that we submit to these engines as many of them act as feeders to the more popular engines.

8. I hear a lot lately about the importance of incoming links. Do you help with this?

Yes, incoming links are a very important part of our SEO internet marketing strategy. We already have highly ranked websites in many law categories for you to be linked from so you don't have to worry about finding sites that will link to you -- which is an almost impossible feat. We ONLY use links from our own highly ranked sites -- never link farms.

9. Are pay-per-clicks included?

No -- our SEO is aimed to result in organic search positions; therefore, we have never felt the need to include PPCs, Sponsored links or AdWords, although we will guide you if you wish to include them on your own.

10. What about your past results? Do you provide references and testimonials? 

Yes, you can view testimonials here

11. I hear a lot about social media like FaceBook Blogging, Twitter and YouTube. Do you help with that?

Yes, social media should be part of any good SEO marketing strategy and we offer an option for it. Attend our convenient 'video-on-demand' SEO Social Media BootCamp For Lawyers to learn all of the details.

12. Can you help me with video at my site?

Absolutely! YouTube videos are the perfect partner to our SEO and are included in our SEO Social Media Program. (You should first attend our SEO Social Media BootCamp For Lawyers) As part of that program, we upload the videos to your own YouTube Channel where we add SEO for optimum YouTube searching, then we embed them to your site.

Any other questions?

Feel free to contact us if your questions do not appear above. The more you know and understand about SEO, the better we can serve you.

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