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law firms and social media

Law Firms and Social Media

We know that the backbone of any good internet marketing campaign starts with SEO Basics  -- now let's address Social Media and how it affects law firm marketing. **

The first thing I always hear from lawyers on this subject matter is that it will be a big waste of time...and that is true if undertaken the wrong way. After submerging ourselves in the social media scene for 2 solid years, we have found what does -- and doesn't -- work for law firms. The  method we've developed works hand in hand with the search engines to better your search positions and doesn't waste a moment of your time.

To view a small example of how social media impacts your SEO internet marketing, follow this link -- its to a past SEO Blog of mine where I demonstrate how a real time tweet immediately showed up at Bing for keyword, 'new jersey lawyers'. Interesting stuff that cannot be denied. This is just one small example and a tiny piece of the puzzle of how Social Media works for law firm marketing. For a better understanding of how we make SEO and Social Media work together, pls view our SEO Social Media BootCamp For Lawyers. It will only take 5 minutes of your time. Don't have the time? Then...


You'll find:

  • What the program includes;

  • How we turn your Website into 'Command Central';

  • How we take the stress out of it for you;

  • The costs.

The sooner you contact us the sooner you can go straight to the TOP of the search engines by combining SEO and Social Media

At when your law firm succeeds . . . WE SUCCEED!  

** The first thing every lawyer needs to address before even considering participation in social media is the American Bar Association’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct.  The confidentiality requirement between a lawyer and client is common knowledge, but be sure to stay on your toes even when tweeting a short quip about your day. You’ll find yourself treading on dangerous ground if you accidentally divulge too much information about a client or case. To that end, also develop policies for employee use of social media, making sure they understand that their actions on social networking sites will represent the entire firm.