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Organic Search Engine Positions for Law Firms

Are all search engine positions created equal? Absolutely Not.

First let's tackle exactly what a search engine position is. It is the position your website listing appears on at the Return Page of a search you perform at a search engine. The screenshot below illustrates the search engine position of our client, Schwartz & Posnock when you search for keyword 'new jersey federal criminal lawyer'.


organic search engine optimization


As you can see, their search engine position for this keyword is #1 at Google (out of the 19,800,000 in Google's index for that keyword). Since it appears right down the center, this highly prized position is referred to as an organic search position. BUT, you also see 2 other types of positions. Some are in a colored box at the top and some are off to the right, both labeled as 'Sponsored Links'. These are more widely known as Pay-Per-Clicks or Google Adwords.

Why do we go after the organic search engine position?

Because statistics show that searchers click on and trust organic positions more than any other type of position. Let's consider the following:

PPC Search Marketing

Organic Search Marketing


81%, or $4.70 billion of the $5.75 billion spent on search engine marketing was spent on Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing. PPC programs as a whole cost more than Organic Search Engine Optimization programs because the cost of keywords continue to climb as competition continues to increase. There are also additional costs for management services and management software as well as wasted $$ attributed to rampant click fraud.

Only $1.05 billion of the $5.75 billion dollars spent on search engine marketing last year was spent on organic search engine optimization. The cost overall of an organic SEO program is less than PPC programs because with AJIS, there is a fixed monthly fee that keeps your website optimized for the major search engines. There is no continued cost for every click made onto a link to your website. Plus we do not have different costs for keywords that are highly competitive.


Search patterns reveal that less search engine users visit pay per click advertising sites than visit organic sites. In fact 4 out of 5 search engine users report that they never click on PPC results.

70% of search engine users report visiting organic listings daily. Reaching the top of the search results pages is crucial because an eye tracking study showed that 50% of search engine users choose to visit websites that appear right down the center of the page.


Keyword pricing can begin low, but the average cost for a top keyword can easily exceed $8.00. Keyword costs increase at least 20% a year. One survey reported that 57% of respondents felt that they were paying too much for their chosen keywords and keyword phrases.

There is no cost for keywords in organic search engine optimization campaigns. At AJIS, our organic SEO plan begins with extensive keyword research that helps determine what words are most relevant to your practice area and which ones are actually being searched for. Then, keyword-rich content is developed in order to keep your site rich in relevance. This is followed by ongoing optimization of the website's navigation structure, pages, titles, descriptions, in-coming links, etc. to perpetually enhance and focus search engine ranking results.


Only 11% of advertisers report achieving a higher ROI through a Pay Per Click Advertising Program than an Organic Search Engine Optimization program.

Organic listings generate a higher ROI than PPC programs. Trends show that more sales result from organic search engine listings than paid sites, meaning that advertisers get more for their money when working with a talented, supportive and experienced organic search engine optimization company like


72.3% of search engine users report feeling that Google’s organic listings are more relevant than their paid listings. Only 20% of search engine users will view a paid listing.

86% of search engine users report they feel organic listings are more relevant than paid listings. optimizes a website for maximum relevancy through extensive keyword research and keyword-rich content development that drives a website straight to the top of search engine results pages.


66% of customers report that they distrust paid advertisements. After all, these sites are not chosen by the search engines, but are allowed to pay for their position. An additional 29% of search engine users report being annoyed by PPC ads.

86% of search engine users report that they trust organic search results over paid results since their position was given by the search engine. At we respect search engine users and want to keep their trust, so we optimize an our clients' sites to maximum relevancy so that search engine users actually find the information they are looking for.


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So its pretty clear to us at what kind of positions we choose for our clients -- the organic search position of course.

  • Is it the easy route? No way. It is much more difficult to attain these positions.

  • Will it better serve the online success of our clients? You bet!

What are some of the techniques we use in attaining organic search engine positions?

  • Making sure your existing pages are rich in relevant content/information

  • Using meta tags at all pages, which include title, description and keyword;

  • Provide incoming links from highly ranked and frequently refreshed Sites;

  • Carefully submitting to the search engines and Directories;

  • Incorporating blogs, videos and social media.

Our marketing for organic search positions is INTENSE !! So don't waste your time with a web designer who includes "submitting to 3,000 search engines" with their package. Use experienced Law Firm SEO internet marketing pros with 16 years experience who get their clients TOP organic search positions!

But don' take our word for it -- our clients tell the whole story:

Our satisfied SEO internet marketing customers

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Feel free to contact us for a free consultation on attaining organic search positions. We're more than happy to discuss your target market, show you results our clients are getting, and furnish you with testimonials.

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