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With literally hundreds of Law Firm SEO and law firm search engine marketing companies online today, why choose Simple. Since 1996 our SEO Internet Marketing Team has been in the business of law firm marketing and we consistently send our lawyer clients to the TOP of the search engines. We have one goal in mine -- your success!

But more importantly, we KEEP growing our services to accommodate law firms who are serious about their SEO marketing. Yes, our game plan is based on SEO internet marketing, but with the introduction and rapid advancement of Social Media - FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogging and YouTube -  we now have the fuel needed to boost your law firm's SEO even further. This SEO Social Media duo is the strategy that gets you to the top of the search engines and KEEPS YOU THERE.


Law Firm SEO Services

With your law firm climbs to the TOP
of the Search Engines with Organic  Positions
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law firm SEO

Law Firm SEO/Social Media Services

Our Social Media for Lawyers Program harnesses
everything the internet has to offer. It's INTENSE.
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SEO Social Media for Lawyers

You don't have to take our word for it. View the testimonials of our satisfied customers.

Grow with us as we follow SEO's growth curve
and harness ALL the internet has to offer.
Law Firm SEO marketing ~ not a choice, but a necessity


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